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FIRA 2020’s E-Book: An era of farming that is defined by agricultural robots

One of the world’s oldest professions is going through a major transformation. A new era of farming is being introduced by the rise of agricultural robots and other advancing technologies. Farmers and producers all around the world are turning to autonomous technologies to solve their most pressing issues, and the industry must adapt to meet their demands.

Agreenculture and Agrointelli, ROBS4CROPS partners, are highlighted as Robot Manufacturers in FIRA 2020’s e-book that takes us on a journey through an era of farming defined by agricultural robots, delving deep into the insights provided by FIRA 2020 presenters and panelists.

Over 1,500 farmers, manufacturers, advanced technology suppliers, innovators, investors, journalists, and experts from 71 countries gathered in December 2020 for the 5th edition of the FIRA to ask questions, tell stories, and exchange ideas.

As a result of all the discussions the FIRA 2020 conclusions E-book is designed to provide an insightful look at the industry’s most pressing issues, ranging from the global food crisis’ overarching impact to the everyday influence of semi-autonomous tractors on a family-owned farm in Le Thillay, France.

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