LSP3-Optimizing apple orchard spraying

Catalonia's Finest: Tackling Apple Orchard Challenges

Did you know? Some of the world’s finest apples are grown in Catalonia. However, the delicate cultivation process is plagued by fungal diseases, making it a difficult task. Thankfully, Robs4Crops is on a mission to enhance apple orchard spraying. The goal is to automate the process, reduce chemical dependency, and mitigate the labour shortage.

Spraying Techniques and Spanish Pilot's Technological Arsenal

The Spanish pilot is mastering the craft of apple orchard spraying by using a different technology, including a retrofitted tractor, an autonomous sprayer, a new perception unit, a terminal, and an AGC Box. Initially, the trials were conducted on the Granny variety, but currently, tests are exclusively taking place in the GALA VENUS variety field, spanning 15 hectares.

Fusion of Technology and Tradition: Demonstrating Progress and Potential

The Spanish pilot

To share the findings and showcase progress to the community, the Spanish pilot team arranged demo events. These sessions provided firsthand experience of enhanced spraying methods, sparking excitement among participants about agriculture’s future. With a varied audience, including technicians and local producers, the demos provided a tangible insight into the transformative power of autonomous technology in farming. The standout moment was an autonomous spraying display with a retrofitted tractor, showcasing the smooth fusion of cutting-edge robotics with conventional farming methods. During the demonstrations, the Robs4Crops team employed autonomous navigation, using real-time data from the perception unit to enhance spraying effectiveness. Attendees are excited to see the next steps of the project, which is almost finished, including the app that gives full control of the work.

There is no doubt that through innovative technology and dedicated research, Robs4Crops and the Spanish pilot are transforming agriculture, one orchard at a time.