LSP2- Table Grape Spraying

What’s the challenge?

In Greece, growing top-quality table grapes presents significant hurdles. Pests and diseases mean applying up to thirty preventive treatments per season. However, the tight time frame for each application poses a challenge in finding enough hands for the job, making it both difficult and expensive.

Why do we need Robs4Crops?

The Greek pilot of Robs4Crops is specialising in spraying table grape vineyards, where the demand for perfection from supermarkets and consumers requires meticulous care. Utilizing advanced technology, including a retrofitted tractor and a CEOL robot, equipped with smart implements like a Perception Unit, Smart Nozzles, a Hydraulic System, a Terminal, and an AGC Box, the pilot ensures precise spraying. The Perception Unit plays a crucial role in autonomous spraying, especially when the vine leaves reach the required density. Together with the smart nozzles which are featured on the Spraying Unit, the Perception Unit is capable to detect spots with high, medium, low or no foliage and adjust the amount of spray liquid from the smart nozzles. This way, the amount of crop protection products used is reduced by adjusting the spray rate to the density of the canopy.

From Field to Showcase: Robs4Crops Demonstration Inspires Stakeholders

The Greek pilot

In 2023, the Greek pilot team conducted spraying trials comparing autonomous and conventional methods in a 0.46-hectare commercial field. Challenges emerged in perfecting the Perception Unit, handling delayed robot arrivals, technical issues during spraying, speed control, and requiring human supervision. Yet, the team’s resilience led to significant strides in autonomous control and data communication. Despite unexpected weather challenges in season 2023, the team pressed on, organising a demo at Pegasus facilities that drew 46 stakeholders, including local vineyard owners, agronomists, municipal councillors, and agricultural students.

The Greek pilot isn’t just changing the way we spray table grapes; they’re planting seeds of innovation, ushering in a new era for agriculture.