Driving Robotics for a Labor-Efficient Future in European Agriculture

Farming Challenges

Farmers face challenges with falling commodity prices, labor shortages, and obstacles in planting and harvesting crops. The COVID-19 pandemic worsened the situation, leaving fields untouched as seasonal workers couldn’t travel due to the virus. In response to the rising challenges, Robs4Crops has positioned itself as a transformative path for agricultural practices.

Robs4Crops: Transforming Challenges into Agricultural Innovations

Robs4Crops, a 4-year Horizon 2020 project, pioneers the transformative impact of agricultural robotics. Targeting precision in tasks like weeding and spraying, it minimizes the need for human involvement in challenging activities. With a consortium of 16 partners from 8 countries, Robs4Crops is dedicated to reshaping the future of European agriculture through innovation in smart implements, autonomous vehicles, and advanced planning software.

Complete robotic
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Large-scale Pilots
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Individuals acquiring
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Robs4Crops Trials and Putting Farmers First

Robs4Crops Trials and Putting Farmers First

In its commitment to mainstreaming robotic farming, Robs4Crops creates a secure testing ground for iterative innovation within a supportive ecosystem. Placing farmers and end-users at the core, the project conducts trials in collaboration with commercial farms and business leaders across France, Greece, Spain, and The Netherlands.

Multiplying Impact

Robs4Crops doesn’t operate in isolation. It actively fosters cooperation within the pan-European ecosystem of Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs). Collaboration extends to flagship EU-funded projects like SmartAgriHubs and agROBOfood, amplifying impact and expediting the adoption of high-tech robotics and automated technologies in agriculture. 

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