Designing, developing and producing advanced robotic solutions for smart farming

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Agreenculture is a French company that designs, develops and produces autonomous solutions for the agricultural world. With 13 years of Research and Development in the field of positioning and satellite guidance, AgreenCulture invested this know-how in the development of its robots for the past four years.

Role in the project

AgreenCulture along with other robot manufacturers will develop the robotic solution for the pilot farms. Based on farmer’s needs and agricultural specifications, AgreenCulture will help define the technical specifications for the robot manufacturing. During the project duration AgreenCulture will develop robots that will be tested in pilot farms. In collaboration with partners, conventional implements and traditional farm tractors will be equipped to become smart implements and autonomous tractors.

Contact person

Robs4Crops consortium is a diverse and dynamic network of partners, representing key players in pure robotic science and engineering, agricultural robotics industry, agricultural and social sciences, real-world farming, and sustainability-driven innovation practices and collaborative business models.