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Based on nearly 20 years of research and development, AgroIntelli developed an autonomous tool-carrier robot – Robotti – designed specifically for agricultural field operations such as mechanical weeding, seeding and spraying. In addition, the mechanical design includes a standard three-point linkage that allows for mounting a wide range of agricultural implements. ROBOTTI follows a “traditional” diesel-hydraulic setup with standard components. This mechanical setup makes it easy to service for any trained mechanics, and spare parts are always nearby, and allows the robot to operate 24/7 – it only requires refueling once in a while.

Role in the project

The main role for AGI in ROBS4CROPS is to share experiences and speed up the innovation action and adaptation of agricultural robotics. The work of AGROINTELLI will support the ongoing development of Robotti, AGI’s field robot, further deepening the knowledge and expertise significant for ROBS4CROPS.

Contact person

Alea Scovill

Strategic Product Manager

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Robs4Crops consortium is a diverse and dynamic network of partners, representing key players in pure robotic science and engineering, agricultural robotics industry, agricultural and social sciences, real-world farming, and sustainability-driven innovation practices and collaborative business models.