Robs4Crops at Synergy Days: Bringing Farmers’ Perspective to Agricultural

We are thrilled to announce that the Robs4Crops project, which is transforming the agriculture landscape with innovative robotics, will be a prominent presence at the highly anticipated Synergy Days 2023 on October 4th and 5th, Thessaloniki, Greece. Join us for an exciting exploration of the convergence of technology and agriculture.

Booth presence

ROBS4CROPS will have its own booth and present some of the technology used in pilots, showcasing its effectiveness in safeguarding crops. Visitors will have the unique opportunity to delve into the project’s mission, discover its remarkable achievements, witness captivating live demonstrations, and engage in enlightening discussions with our team of experts.

Joint workshop with the CoRoSect project- What can you expect?

CoRoSect will showcase technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR) system and the automatic visual inspection system (VIS). The automatic VIS uses Artificial Intelligence to automatically detect insects and measure their size and colour. When it comes to VR, CoRoSect will present VR glasses and sensory gloves used for training workers in programming robots for new tasks on the farm.


ROBS4CROPS, on the other hand, will offer a comprehensive overview of its technology, showcasing its effectiveness in safeguarding crops through pilot programs encompassing apple orchard spraying, table grape spraying, mechanical weeding in arable crops, and vineyards.

Robs4Crops farm work

How Robs4Crops is helping farmers to thrive?

The EU funded project ROBS4CROPS aspires to deliver a labour saving, fully autonomous robotic system for spraying and mechanical weeding, together with a supporting ecosystem, ready for wide-scale adoption. Featuring smart implements, autonomous vehicles, and high- level software for planning and scheduling, this innovative system will help farmers reduce labour requirements and reduce costs. Through 4 pilots spanning The Netherlands, France, Spain, and Greece, Robs4Crops exemplifies robotic farming’s potential in diverse agricultural settings.

Join us at Synergy Days 2023 by registering for free tickets at this link.