Robs4Crops Trials

Targeted Spraying In Apple Orchards

Requirements and challenges

One of the most popular fruits cultivated in the Catalonia region are apples with the Giropoma Costa Brava S.I. cooperative producing in an area of 140 ha a total yield of 30-35,000 tons per year, with a value of around 30 million euros. However, apple orchards require many spray applications to be protected against fungal diseases. As a result, a large amount of fungicides is used and much labor is needed for their application, while farmers do not consider the growing stage of the trees and the disease severity when applying chemicals (uniform application).

How Robs4Crops approaches the challenge

Robs4Crops will address the labour challenge that apple sector is currently facing while reducing the amount of chemicals used, by automating the complex task of orchard spraying. This will be achieved by deploying a retrofitted tractor using the AGreenCulture commercial kit and the EOLO model sprayer of Teyme, a smart trailed mist-blower of 2000L tank capacity and precision spraying capabilities. Major challenges like 3-point-turn of tractor and trailed machines will be put into test, as well as, altering the applied dosage based on disease presence and growth stage.

Country: Spain

Apple orchards spraying

Technology: retrofitted tractor with AGreenCulture commercial kit, EOLO model sprayer of Teyme

Partners: Giropoma Costa Brava S.L., Serrater S.l., Eurecat, Teyme, Agricultural University of Athens

R4C Targeted Spraying In Apple Orchards

Via trials in four countries – the Netherlands, France, Spain and Greece — Robs4Cros hopes to create a robotic farming solution consisting of three elements: smart implements, autonomous vehicles, and the farming controller.

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