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Upgraded CEOL Robot soon on the go

One field test away to start the work with a “smarter” robot

The Robs4Crops team is excited to announce that the French team has successfully tested the Fusebox with smart implements integrated on the CEOL robot. This is a major step forward in perfecting the design!

The partners form the Wageningen University & Research, Trim Bresilla and Bram Veldhuisen, spent 2 days in Angers, France, working on the new instalments and helping the French Large Scale Pilot with any problems that occurred during the testing phase.

In this period all the test performed by the improved CEOL robot came back with outstanding results, with 1 more filed test the “smarter” robot will get the green light to start the real work on the field.

French large-scale pilot 1 will continue to focus on the weeding season that has already begun, while adding the smart implements and tracking its on field results.

Looking ahead, Robs4Crops will continue its development of new smart impalements, such as soil depth controllers, while expanding on previous instalments. But also, the focus will be on replacing the back roller of the robots implement, to gain more stability to the whole weeding system.