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The Robs4Crops demonstration at the Future of Farming & Food Experience event

The captivating showcase of the Dutch pilot and its cutting-edge Robotti robot was unveiled at the Future of Farming & Food Experience event, courtesy of our exceptional partners Abemec and SmartAgriTechnology B.V.
Around 1000 attendees, including farmers, industry leaders, banks, and scientists were mesmerized by the awe-inspiring sight of multiple robot demonstrations and engaging lectures. This extraordinary event became a hub for Robs4Crops enthusiasts, beckoning them to witness the future of agriculture first-hand.

The Netherlands pilot strives to minimise the environmental impact of arable farming by swapping chemical weed control with autonomous mechanical weeding. Slow-growing crops like sugar beets and pumpkins necessitate multiple weeding passes throughout the growing season to keep the weeds at bay. To address this issue, the pilot employs the Robotti robot, specially designed for arable farming operations, to tackle unsupervised weeding. Collaboration with other partners enabled the gathering and implementation of significant data, which has sparked interest and motivation among farmers and diminished initial scepticism. The latest enhancements to the weeder were perfected at the start of the 2023. The weeding scenario in the Netherlands has reached its pinnacle, as all the components seamlessly communicate with one another. For example, the robot now possesses the remarkable ability to pause instantly upon receiving a signal from the weeding computer.