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The future of robotized weeding is getting closer

2022 was a great year for French pilot. The Terrena Innovation team has been able to conduct an almost complete cycle of robotized weeding on 2 types of vines. This allowed them to better understand and estimate which types of plots benefit most from the robot.
Weeding robot is ready for the next challenge

The main goal of the team is to achieve a complete weeding cycle (6 passes) on the 5 plots, in average working conditions (no more testing on complicated plots, like tilted ones).
“We will test the fusebox and new smart implements on the R4C robot. Ultimately, we will also work on putting the robots in the hands of real winegrowers and measure if it is practical and easy for them to manage robots. Achieving a complete weeding cycle will allow us to show to the final users (in our case the winegrowers) that we are on the right track to build a solution that will satisfy their expected needs.”

Luc DEJONGHE, robotics project manager
Terranova Innovation

The goal of this technology is to allow farmers to spend less hours on mechanical weeding, which is a very time-consuming task; and to allow them to work with chemical restrictions.