red apples and their spraying

Spanish Pilot: Perfecting the Art of Apple Orchard Spraying

Robs4Crops is on a mission to revolutionize the apple industry and our Spanish pilot (Large Scale Pilot #3) aims to automate the complicated orchard spraying process to reduce chemical dependency and solve the labour shortage. Get ready to experience the future of farming.

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Revolutionizing the apple industry, one orchard at a time

Large Scale Pilot #3 (LSP3) conducted an array of experiments in 2022 to demonstrate the reliability of the perception unit – a breakthrough technology that promises to revolutionize the way we grow and harvest crops. With its stunning accuracy and efficiency, this cutting-edge unit is sure to be a game-changer for farmers around the world.

How does it work?

The automatic sprayer was tested in different fields where the leaf density varied, and if it worked well, it would apply more product in areas of higher leaf density and less in areas of lower leaf density. At the end of the 2022 tests, it was found that sunlight had a significant impact on the young trees field, as the intensity of the green colour changed and the perception system was not functioning as expected.

“We hope to achieve many improvements to the perception unit by 2023. First, the system will need to be able to work as it should. Second, we plan to test the retrofitted tractor. This will give us the opportunity to compare the traditional tractor with the traditional sprayer with the full automatic system (Tractor + sprayer). We plan to show this automatic system to producers in the region and explain the opportunities this technology will give us.” Oriol Serra, Field Technician at Giropoma Costa Brava, S.L

Automated farming for a better tomorrow!

With the successful implementation of the automated system, farmers will be able to reap the rewards of its many advantages and experience firsthand the benefits it can bring. LSP3 can show that the project lowers labor costs, reduce exposure to chemicals, and most importantly, it will be more efficient since it will only apply the necessary amount of product to each field, thus minimizing waste and harmful substances.