Robs4Crops Showcases Cutting- Edge Agricultural Robotics at Novi Sad Fair

The Robs4Crops project made a significant impact by showcasing novel agricultural technology and robotics at the renowned International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad, a premier event that draws thousands of visitors each year. The consortium partner, Foodscale Hub team, seized this opportunity to engage with farmers and industry professionals, discussing the project’s innovative solutions designed to tackle contemporary agricultural challenges like labor shortage.

Throughout the fair, the Robs4Crops team participated in numerous insightful discussions with attendees, ranging from seasoned farmers to digital farming enthusiasts and agricultural students. The interactive activities and engaging presentations captivated the audience, many of whom left with Robs4Crops-themed materials, sparking further interest in pioneering work.

The fair provided an excellent platform for highlighting Robs4Crops’ progress and the future of digital farming. Attendees were able to see firsthand how Robs4Crops is setting new standards in agricultural technology.

At the heart of Robs4Crops’ mission is the development of a fully autonomous robotic system for spraying and mechanical weeding, complemented by a comprehensive supporting ecosystem. This technology aims to revolutionize labor-intensive farming practices, offering a more efficient and sustainable approach.

For more information about Robs4Crops’ advancements and future plans, read more in our Newsroom. Additionally, for details about our groundbreaking pilots, visit the dedicated page.