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The word is spreading!

Knowledge is bigger when shared! That’s why we made sure that all our results and insights are travelling across Europe, but also the world, between partners, pilot leaders, reaching out all stakeholder groups at different demonstrations, conferences and trainings.
One of them was robotic demonstration in Thesinge, the Netherlands (LSP4) in May 2022 where all pilot leaders had a chance to do some practical tests in the field with Robotti connected to rowcleaner and a seeder.
Furthermore, the Congress of TEYME Group dealers (created out of the fusion of three companies: Teyme, Solteka and Argilés) was held in March. With 50 attendees, it was enormous opportunity to present the project but also to create bonding ties between dealers, partners and farmers. In order to face the future of farming and challenges it brings, all actors should join the forces, combine the efforts and share the vision.
The results of Robs4Crops were also presented at JAD XXIII Encuentro Nacional De Lideres Del Sector Agropecuario Conference in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic in September 2022. More than 700 participants, most of them being farmers, policy makers and agri business representatives, discussed innovation trends and precision technologies for sustainable agricultural production. Ria Hulsman and Frits van Evert from Wageningen University, the Netherlands, attended the event.
The main goal of dissemination events was multifold: obtaining a deeper insight of the areas of overall benefits and common interest; establishing beneficial internal and external collaborations and improving the existing ones; constantly developing a prosperous ecosystem within and around the project and engaging all stakeholders of the project in a joint goal- helping farmers fill labour shortages using robotics.
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