Apple orchard spraying-Partnership

The Spanish Pilot excels in refining apple orchard spraying while also elevating partnerships, technology and university visits

Our Spanish pilot has been immersed in a whirlwind of activities over the past couple of months. From collaborative meetings with apple producers to hosting university students and ensuring the seamless functioning of agricultural technology, the journey has been both exciting and fruitful.

Giropoma Meeting (October 25th)

The picturesque town of Ullà was host to the annual gathering of Giropoma, a cooperative of apple producers. On the 25th of October, all partners convened to kick off the harvest campaign for the Pink Lady apple variety. Amidst the lush orchards, the team at Serrater had the privilege of hosting the partners for lunch, providing an opportunity to update them on the status of their autonomous tractor and automatic sprayer system. Engaging in discussions about the evolution of the technology, the Giropoma team plans to showcase a live demo for interested partners to witness the system in action under real conditions.

Apple orchard spraying-Partnership

University of Girona Visit (October 27th)

The 27th of October saw a visit from students of agricultural engineering from the University of Girona. Eager to gain insights into the practical aspects of agriculture, the students explored the Serrater production center. In addition to sharing valuable observations and knowledge with their technicians, the students had the unique experience of tasting the first delicious Pink Lady variety straight from the tree. As part of the visit, Serrater team also introduced them to the Robs4Crops project, inviting them to witness the system in action during the upcoming demo.


Teyme Visit (October 20-21st)

As technical meetings from the Robs4Crops team approached, Teyme, a key partner, visited the Serrater facilities on the 20th and 21st of October. The purpose of the visit was to conduct a thorough check of the sprayer’s functionality and ensure it would be ready for the upcoming upgrades. The collaboration with Teyme highlights Serrater’s commitment to maintaining the optimal performance of our equipment and staying at the forefront of technological advancements in agriculture.


Looking ahead

With the technical meetings completed and the groundwork laid for future demos, the team at Serrater is eagerly anticipating the outcomes and evolution post-October 20-21. The success of these initiatives will determine the scheduling of the upcoming demo, providing partners and stakeholders with an opportunity to witness firsthand the transformative capabilities of our autonomous tractor and sprayer system.

Robs4Crops will continue to strategically transform weeding and spraying with robotics, through different piloting activities. By enhancing efficiency, reducing costs, and improving sustainability, this project marks a significant step forward in the evolution of agriculture. While the journey to full adoption may present challenges, the potential benefits for farmers, the environment, and the entire food supply chain make this project a beacon of hope in a world where agricultural innovation is more critical than ever. The future of food supply chains is autonomous, efficient, and sustainable, thanks to ROBS4CROPS.