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Revolutionizing the field step by step: The Greek pilot

Robs4Crops stands proudly at the forefront of revolutionizing table grape spraying, and our extraordinary Greek pilot, Large Scale Pilot #2, is set to unveil an groundbreaking innovation in the industry. Thanos Dritsopoulos from the Greek pilot team has shared invaluable insights into the progress made during this pilot phase, showcasing significant advancements in the field.

What remarkable breakthroughs
have been achieved in the field up until now?

This year’s conditions have posed significant challenges. The incessant rainfall has intensified the complexity and difficulty of our work. Despite these obstacles, we have managed to make progress with our spraying sessions. In this season, we conducted two spraying sessions using our retrofit tractor: one employing conventional methods and the other utilizing automated techniques, thanks to the integration of a perception unit and smart nozzles. Preliminary data indicate that we have successfully reduced water consumption by 10 liters per 1000 square meters. This achievement is of utmost importance, particularly when considering the vast expanse of land, we need to cover. It instills a sense of optimism within us.

How crucial is it to join forces and welcome exceptional talents from consortiums to pioneer groundbreaking solutions?

Our participation in this project stems from our earnest desire to provide the local farming community with a platform to enhance their cultivation practices. It has become evident that embracing innovation is the sole means of effecting tangible transformations. To realize this vision, we seek to forge alliances. Fortunately, our farmers have emerged as invaluable partners, displaying a remarkable alignment with the project’s ideals. Their eagerness to learn and their commitment to progress significantly facilitate our work. Their willingness to develop, coupled with the advantages associated with participating in such a venture, ensures that our collaboration will be seamless and highly efficient.

How are farmers skillfully navigating the ever-growing landscape of live tests in the field and embracing transformative new technologies?

Through ongoing exposure to new technology, farmers are gradually becoming more acquainted with its intricacies. As their comprehension deepens, their interest steadily grows. One pivotal factor contributing to this dynamic is the open days we organize while out in the field. During these occasions, anyone passing by is welcome to observe our work and, moreover, inquire about it. By affording them the freedom to ask questions, we have made considerable strides in fostering their understanding and engagement.

Having accomplished preliminary tests, could you tell us about the progress thus far and share your vision for the next steps?

Our forthcoming agenda comprises of specific and targeted steps. In the upcoming week, we anticipate the arrival of our esteemed colleagues from Eurecat and Agriculture. While the CAROB robot has been recently acquired, and we eagerly await their expertise in programming the robot’s functionalities. I am optimistic that next week will prove highly productive, yielding excellent results. Furthermore, as the weather improves, we aim to amplify our spraying sessions to acquire a wealth of additional data.