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The leading institute in The Netherlands on precision agriculture

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Stichting Wageningen Research (WR) is a private, not-for-profit research institute specialised in strategic and applied research for industry and public institutions. WR has experience in developing a web-based platform for data and services used on a commercial basis by more than 3000 farmers ( Owns extensive experience in agricultural robotics, including EU-funded projects CROPS (2011-2014), Sweeper (2015-2018), and agROBOFood (2019-2023). Visit to learn more about WR’s portal for expertise in robotics, computer vision and machine learning.

Role in the project

As the coordinator of ROBS4CROPS, WR will ensure that project targets are accomplished on time and within budget, that effective communication with consortium partners and with the EC is established, and that the project is represented to external audience and initiatives. Further, WR will contribute to many aspects of the project based on its extensive experience in agricultural science and agricultural robotics, including requirements and specifications of robotic systems, building, testing, measuring performance of robots and agricultural implements, and defining boundary conditions and constraints that agricultural robots must obey.

Contact person

Frits van Evert

Senior Researcher Precision Agriculture 

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Robs4Crops consortium is a diverse and dynamic network of partners, representing key players in pure robotic science and engineering, agricultural robotics industry, agricultural and social sciences, real-world farming, and sustainability-driven innovation practices and collaborative business models.