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TEYME is a one of the leading producers of agricultural machinery focused on developing and producing state-of-the-art products. Teyme is striving for continuous improvements in terms of increasing machinery efficiency, increasing reliability and reducing costs, obsessed to offer the best product, reaching a satisfactory level. The continued research, development and innovation are the key to Teyme success and R&D investments are made constantly, to improve and disrupt the agricultural machinery industry with the innovative technology and products. The high quality and performances of Teyme machines, as well as an accurate sales service, have placed Teyme products in the vanguard of the spraying equipment in more than 30 countries worldwide.

Role in the project

Teyme participates in converting the sprayers into smart implements using ISOBUS connections and level-based software architectures. Teyme is active to ensure that the implements function properly in interaction with the autonomous vehicles as well as with the farming controller before the systems go on transport to the pilots. Teyme also provides the smart implements for two of the pilots.  During piloting, Teyme will assist and troubleshoot the smart implements where necessary.

Contact person

Josep Vidal Molins

Technical Manager


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