A French agricultural cooperative gathering around 22,000 farmers on approximately 2 billion hectares of Utilised Agricultural Area (UAA)

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TERRENA’s business relates to the commercialisation of farming inputs (seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, animal feed and care…) and services (technical advice, decision support tools…). Different daughter companies of Terrena are already involved in selling machinery and robotics to farmers, for example in vineyard or vegetable productions. TERRENA collects its farmer members’ productions (vegetables, cereals, wine, milk, livestock, pigs, poultry…), approximately 10 % of the agricultural production of the West of France, a key European region. TERRENA also processes and commercializes food products through major retail outlets to the general public and final consumers.

Role in the project

In ROBS4CROPS, Terrena will focus mainly on exploratory analysis of end-user needs, technical and non-technical issues to be addressed in relation to the domain pilots and establishing a lively ecosystem building. Terrena will manage one of the four large-scale pilots, concerning mechanical weeding in vineyard and bed-cropping vegetable production (salad), and take its part in knowledge transfer to farmers and other regional and national stakeholders.


Contact person

Bertrand PINEL

R&D Project Manager


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Robs4Crops consortium is a diverse and dynamic network of partners, representing key players in pure robotic science and engineering, agricultural robotics industry, agricultural and social sciences, real-world farming, and sustainability-driven innovation practices and collaborative business models.