The largest co-operative of table grapes in Greece

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Established in Kiato, Pegasus’ members harvest a total area of 150 ha of table grapes of different cultivars such as Thompson seedless and Crimson seedless, while they also trade additional table grapes quantities which are grown in other regions of Greece. Their production is heading to their owned facility for post-harvesting manipulation like packing and labelling. Pegasus Agrifood Coop received “the best in class” award from Bayer Crop Science company.

Role in the project

Pegasus will provide the physical location for running the large-scale pilot in Greece, entrusting their resources to the ROBS4CROPS piloting activities. Pegasus will also be active in Exploitation, Communication and Dissemination activities, targeting the Network of Interest as well as the broader ecosystem in Greece.

Contact person

Mark Legas

The Founder

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