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Laboratory for Manufacturing Systems & Automation (LMS) is involved in a number of research projects funded by the CEU and European industrial partners. Particular emphasis is given to the co-operation with the European industry as well as with a number of “hi-tech” firms. LMS currently employs approximately 70 researchers organized in four different groups: a) Manufacturing Processes Modelling and Energy Efficiency, b) Robots, Automation and Virtual Reality in Manufacturing and c) Manufacturing Systems, d) Software Development for Manufacturing.

Role in the project

LMS is the main research partner aiming to transfer experience and knowledge related to autonomous robot behavior from industrial manufacturing to agricultural sector. Supported by research and integrating companies with previous work in agriculture, it will develop the ROBS4CROPS Farming Controller. LMS will exploit its previous projects’ outcomes in the context of industrial robotic automation through Human Robot Collaboration and dynamic event adaptation.

Contact person

Panagiotis Karagiannis

Research Engineer  

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Robs4Crops consortium is a diverse and dynamic network of partners, representing key players in pure robotic science and engineering, agricultural robotics industry, agricultural and social sciences, real-world farming, and sustainability-driven innovation practices and collaborative business models.