blue grapes

Maximizing the Benefits of Automated Farming

With automated farming, farms are becoming more efficient in the production of crops and livestock. Robs4Crops partners in Greece gathered with the same idea: they want to evolve the way of thinking of local farmers. Consequently, helping to evolve the agricultural practices. Farm automation is helping in numerous ways in the industry.

With these advances, consumers can purchase sustainability-produced products at lower costs. And with robotics, those labour tasks are automated, reducing costs for the farmer and consumer. Our goal is to maximise the benefits of an automated farming, offering to farmers a healthier and more profitable environment.

Make Robs4Crops Work for Your Farming

In order to address these challenges, Robs4Crops is bringing its high-tech infrastructure, providing the necessary tools to succeed. In Greece, the team is using a sprayer with modernized spray nozzles. This is then mounted on a tractor with modernized sensors which can locate the leaf surface on grapes. Additionally, there are extra sensors on the tractor that can guide it on the field without a driver.

With these sensors, they could easily see that the farmers’ exposure to pesticides is getting less, which has a beneficial impact on health. Therefore, farmers have the opportunity to save water and reduce the use of pesticides and fertilizers.

Smart Spraying – It’s Not as Difficult as You Think

The team in Greece organised an open event at Pegasus AgriFood Coop in a local field where the first trials took place. The aim was to introduce the usefulness and the functionality of the retrofitted tractor with smart spraying implement to local farmers and pique their interest about it. A large number of people responded to their invitation and the first contact with farmers was successfully made.

Pegasus AgriFood Coop views and expertise of agriculture, particularly grapes, help us to conclude that if we want to continue thriving, we have to choose the technological and evolutionary path. If collective efforts were made, we have no doubt that the effects will be huge on a global scale.