robotti robot in a filed

INBOTS Conference 2021 – Inclusive Robotics for a Better Society

Three full days devoted to Robotics and Business Networking.

The INBOTS Conference is organised in the frame of the INBOTS project funded under the Horizon 2020 programme. The conference will last from May 18 until May 20.

Robs4Crops will be a part of the event with a panel of academics, industry professionals, policymakers, and European Commission representatives who will speak about robotics and its acceptance in today’s society.

Alongside Robs4Crops, the conference will be joined by SciRoc, Robotics4EU, FLEXIGROBOTS, CoRoSect, Natural Intelligence, EUROBENCH, and many other speakers.

The participants will be gathered to discuss next topics:

  • 18 May – Inclusive Robotics for a Better Society; Interactive Robotics – supporting tools for SMEs including standardization aspects,
  • 19 May – Highly Accessible and Multidisciplinary Robotics Education Programs; Policies to Promote Social Uptake of Interactive Robots,
  • 20 May – Alternative Approaches to Liability in Robotics; Debate on legal, ethics & socio-economic aspects of interactive robotics.

The event will be held online. Registrations are open until May 13.

Join Robs4Crops at INBOTS Conference on May 18! Register here.