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Going green with Robs4Crops

During the Robotics4EU workshop with the topic “Non-technological Challenges in Robotics”, Grigoris Chatzikostas VP of Business Development at Foodscale Hub & R4C Exploitation Manager, gave a presentation about “Contribution of robotics to EU Green Deal goals and SDGs”.

The focus was on the Robs4Crops project where working directly with farmers in real-life conditions helps to address many challenges in working side by side with AgriFood robots. 

Grigoris explained: “We often say “Farmers need to see to believe”, the idea here is to create an open innovation environment where technologies can be implemented on farms, other farmers can come, look, discuss, disagree and at the end better understand what agrifood robots can and can’t do for them.”

Robs4Crops provides a direct contribution to the Green deal targets by reducing the use of fungicides by 10- 20% by using smart sprayers, also the goal is to eliminate herbicide use by replacing chemical weed control with mechanical weed control. “Our aim is to make technologies that are socially and financially acceptable by farmers because you cannot ask farmers to go green when their accounts are red.”, says Grigoris.

Learn more about the Robs4Crops project at the link HERE.