ip management

R4C: Unlocking Exploitation Potential and Sustainability

In a recent meeting centered around WP8, we looked at some specific issues concerning the protection and exploitation of the whole R4C robotic system, such as the most appropriate IP Rights to use (e.g. patents, copyright, database rights, etc.), and different business models for the most effective exploitation of the project’s results (e.g. Robots-as-a-Service, Open Source licensing, etc.). The primary objective was to prioritize the most promising potential business models that could ensure long-term sustainability.

The discussion led by Tatjana Knežević from Foodscale Hub also addressed the software-related IP and exploitation concerns. The participants discussed different ways of licensing a source code, the terms on which the source code can be offered to the potential customers, specificities of various types of licences, as well as plethora of software-based revenue streams.

Furthermore, the consortium tackled other important aspects of developing a business model such as distribution approaches and business model interactions (one-to-many and many-to-many).

In the upcoming consortium meeting in September, we will continue this discussion and decide on the best way forward.